A Store Filled With Lots Of Furniture

Caswell-Massey, originally founded as an apothecary in 1752 in Newport, Rhode Island has come to be known as the original purveyor of the finest personal care products and accessories in the United States. Since opening its doors over 250 years ago, it has been privileged to serve a distinguished clientele including the Founding Fathers, pioneers of Wall Street, and legends of art and film. It has manufactured the cologne used by George Washington, which is still in distribution today, items purchased by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, has been Katherine Hepburn's local, corner drugstore, as well as Greta Garbo's pharmacy of choice for purchasing her infamous tortoise-shell combs. In 1926, Caswell-Massey became The Barclay's first tenant, opening its flagship store in the hotel and remaining there for 84 years, until April 2010. Today, it is one of the oldest continuing businesses still in existence.