Seasonal Amenities

Savor local + seasonal delights with our vibrant Summer Soirée + Pride amenities. You can also raise your glass where each sip bursts with the essence of handpicked, garden-fresh ingredients.

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Summer Soirée Amenities

Summertime Macaroons

Barclay Honey Macaroons with White Chocolate Honeycomb 


Campfire Delight

S’mores Pops with Torched Marshmallow, Dipped in Chocolate + Graham Cracker Crumbs Around a Frosting Firepit


Camp Barclay

Calling all campers! Upgrade your suite reservation to a Camp Barclay experience.

$250 per night 

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Chocolate Sphere with a Hammer on a Nest of Herbs + Flowers - Sphere is filled with Marshmallow Mousse + Graham Cracker Crumble


Pride Amenities

It's Poppin'

Rainbow Popcorn + Bottled Water 


Taste the Rainbow

Rainbow Pock Candy, Assorted Nassau Candy Box + Cosmopolitan Cocktail