Sweet & Savory 

Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our Sweet & Savory selections. From delectable treats to savory snacks, satisfy your cravings any time of day.

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Barclay Specials


Barclay Honey with cookie, pastry, and macaroon.


Taste of New York

Served on a New York cutting board, featuring local products representing multiple regions of New York, such as roasted nuts, salt, olive oil, pretzels, truffles and more - based on what is freshest and available by our local partners.


Journey to 100

Custom Chocolate Train Filled with Candy​


Barclay Honey & Cheese

Local Cheese Selection, Fruit & Rooftop Honey​


Barclay Honey Macaron

3 Custom Honey Macarons​



Mojo Mousse

Single Chocolate Mousse in a Box Double ​


Sweet Treat & Sparkling Wine

Locally Sourced Sweet Treat with Fresh Fruit including One Sparkling Wine


Milk & Cookies

Assorted Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Raisin) including One Bottle of Whole Milk ​



Salty Chips & White Wine

Salty Chip Assortment, White Wine and One Bottled Water​


Salty Snack Mix & Water

Pistachios, Assorted Olive Mix & Crunchy Spicy Chickpea including One Bottled Water​


Popcorn Trio

Butter Popcorn, Caramel Popcorn & Truffle Popcorn ​including One Bottled Water​


Sweet & Savory

Artisan Cheese Board + Water

Artisan Cheese Board (Cheese Wheel, Sliced Fig, Candied Pecans, Raspberry Jam, Red Grapes & Breadsticks) including One Bottled Water​


Sweet & Savory Snacks & Sparkling Water

Assorted Sweet and Savory Snacks (Chocolate Covered Almonds, Trail Mix, Dried Fruit) including One Large Sparkling Water ​


Adult Movie Night

Pretzels, Salted Popcorn & Candy with Two (2) Beers



Neuhaus Tablet

Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Bits


Neuhaus Discovery Dark Delight

6 pieces


Neuhaus Amusettes Me-Time Bag

Includes a total of 12 Individually Wrapped Chocolates with 5 different flavors: Amusette Blonde Salée, Amusette Nougat Miel, Amusette Café, Amusette Caramel & Amusette Biscuits


Neuhaus Amusettes Sharing Box

Includes 35 pieces with 5 different flavors: Amusette Blonde Salée, Amusette Nougat Miel, Amusette Café, Amusette Caramel & Amusette Biscuits


Neuhaus Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate